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HOME SET Heavy-duty Сleaning Set


The Heavy-Duty Cleaning set is designed for quick and high-quality cleaning of stubborn dirt.

The products included in the set remove stubborn dirt from any surfaces. Fibers absorb moisture, dust, and dirt, due to the unique fiber, so that you won’t need to spend much time and effort. The set is recommended for wet cleaning without the use of detergents.

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The set includes the following items:

  • HOME S12, Cleaning fiber. Twist fiber

The fiber removes stains, dirt, and dust easily, quickly and successfully. It absorbs moisture well, leaving no stains or lint. It is recommended for wet cleaning.

  • HOME S14, Unisponge. Twist Sponge

The special triple cut is convenient and efficient for removing all kinds of dirt from any surface. It is recommended for wet and dry cleaning.

  • HOME S4, Scrubber. Twist Scrubber

The scrubber easily removes grime and stubborn dirt from any surface. It is recommended for wet cleaning.


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