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About us

The Greenway created a business system that allows a person to gain income from the first month for using simple, clear, and high quality eco-products and encouraging others. There is no need to have specific training or to distract from job, study, or family routine.

The Company is concerned about people’s health as well as the cleanliness of our homes and our planet.

Our principles are:

Natural or safe

raw materials





Rapid growth

It has been six years since Greenway launched its business. During this time, we have done a lot to ensure that each partner, regardless of the location and mother tongue, can earn money in the first month.

Global Network

Our representative offices are open in 45 countries, including the USA, Mexico, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Ukraine, Turkey, Serbia, Vietnam, and in the European Union.

High indicators

For the first three years, Greenway broke records in all indicators: growth dynamics, benefits to partners.

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