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AUTO SET Universal Car Cleaning Set


The Universal cleaning set is designed for car cleaning.

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The set includes everything you need for the complete care of your favorite vehicle. The fibers quickly clean the body, dashboard, and interior of the car without scratches, streaks, or lint. There is no need to use specialized cleaning products for car cleaning.  A fiber and a bottle of water are enough.

The set includes the following items:

  • AUTO А6, Unimitt. Universal mitten

Thanks to a special cut, the mitten quickly and efficiently cleans the body of your car. The hard side of the mitten removes road dirt and insect stains, while the soft side clears the dust. It is recommended for wet and dry cleaning.

  • AUTO A7, Unifiber. Universal fiber

Due to the elongated pile, it successfully absorbs moisture, dust, and dirt, leaving it clear of lint or stains. It is recommended for wet and dry cleaning.

  • AUTO S17, Cleaning fiber. Cleaning fiber

The fiber effectively cleans the interior removing dust and dirt from the dashboard.Wet the fiber to clean leather surfaces. It perfectly wipes glass and mirrors. It is recommended for wet and dry cleaning.

  • AUTO P5, Polish fiber. Polishing fiber

It perfectly cleans and polishes glossy, chrome, and metal surfaces. The fiber is ideal for delicate surface care which cannot be moisturized. It is recommended for dry cleaning.


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